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The Theban Treasury


Treasury of the Doric order, made entirely out of St Elias’ limestone; it was situated a few meters below the first turn of the Sacred Way in the Sanctuary of Apollo. It was dedicated by the Thebans for their victory at Leuktra in 371 B.C.  


In the southwestern corner of the precinct stood a treasury of the Doric order, which had been dedicated by the Thebans after their victory against the Lacaedemonians at Leuktra in 371 B.C. It was a rectangular building measuring 12.29 x 7.21 meters, based on a crepis with two steps, made of local limestone of  St. Elias, dark grey with bluish shades, which emphasized the plain, rigid style. It was contrasting the elegance and polychromy of the nearby Treasury of the Siphnians. The architect had taken particular care of making the building as stable as possible.

The building was surrounded by a frieze consisting of metopes and triglyphs in white marble. Several views have been expressed on the exact architectural form. It was possibly a uniform building, without columns, possibly with two doors at the narrow  sides and with a perpendicular wall for extra support. Τhe cella was illuminated through a window  on the western wall.

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