Delphi, GR

Salle 8

In ancient Greek mythology, Apollo was the god of music, poetry and the arts, and exemplified moderation and harmony. In this capacity, he is pictured on a white-ground kylix on display at the Archaeological Museum of Delphi: the god with elaborate hairstyle, crowned with a laurel wreath, holds his seven-string lyre and performs a libation.

Two inscribed stone blocks from the treasury of the Athenians contain the most extensive musical notations of antiquity, two ancient hymns to Apollo. Between the lines are visible music symbols that have been interpreted by specialized musicologists. The theme of the paean is associated with various episodes from the life of the god.

The opulent sculptural decoration of the Treasury turned the building into one of the most emblematic monuments of Delphi. On one of its two pediments was depicted the goddess Athena, whose marble head has been preserved, while marble Amazons served as acroteria on the Treasury’s roof.

Weather @Delphi

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